Before camping, my preparation for goods appropriate commands have been determined, and then I sleep. The next day I wake up at 4:00 for morning prayers, breakfast and them take a shower and prepare to go camping, we all gathered in the field Belitung at 06.30 am. After that we all went to the the army truck and roll call every class and carrier are inserted in advance and the other luggage, after that we all pray before starting the journey in order to survive until the goal, we were all so happy , then we pass the freeway , estimates reach there at 09.00.

Arriving there, make a line according class ,after that the leader took the tent, we all build tent in place which had been adjusted to. Finish creating our tent , we all gathered for the opening ceremony, not long after it, its rain ,we all ran to the tent. Waiting for the rain , we all have a pray ,after that we gather for the material. Even though it rained we had to keep running the material. We go back to the tent to cook for dinner . At 20:00 we all gather for performing arts each class, performing arts begin at 21:00 and finished at 23:00, and then we go to sleep, ,

Everyone wake for morning exersice, I was assigned to cook. After all do morning exercise, we all eat. we were prepared to start the wide games. We finished at 12.00 after that we make crafts and packed our carrier to go home, after drop the tent ,we gathered in the field fit. We in the truck army , before the return journey we all pray first to be saved to the destination, arriving at the destination at 03:10


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